Tips to Use Metallic Wall Finishes that Add Sparkle to your Home

A touch of glimmering of gold, brass and copper can make your house look dramatic and glamorous instantly. The light-reflecting touches of metallic wall paints are a great way to add shimmer whether you want to make a bold statement or add a hint of glamour to your house. Nowadays, the best part is you can go beyond gold, silver and copper as there are several metallic designer paints available in every shade you can imagine. If you are looking to add a sparkly finish to your home interior, here are a few ideas to start with:

1. A show-shopper look: For truly show-stopping interiors, there’s nothing better than metallic paint. The allure of rich gold is perfect for a living room that gives the impression of grandeur. From ornate mirror to a chair with golden trims, metallic accents on metallic walls give a room a more layered look. If you want to show off more golden hues, bring into your home light fixtures like chandeliers, wall sconces and pendant lights and let them add a dramatic flair to your interiors.

2. Be subtle yet striking: If you want to add metallic touch to your house, without being too blingy, then molding and trim are the areas you should paint. Moldings and trims painted in golden hues add an intriguing visual interest to your house. They highlight small detailing and give the house a classy look. To highlight the look of the moldings and trims, go for a deep color like purple. The silver metallic hue and the deep rich purple bring out the best in each other.

3. Go soft with striped walls: One of the best ways to add some interior pizazz is by way of striped walls. The unique of dose stripes in metallic shades add drama without the chaos. It gives the room a contemporary feel. Moreover, horizontal stripes make a small room appear bigger. Horizontal stripes are a great way to add some fun into a small dining area. The stripes add a sense of whimsy without totally taking way the formal look of a dining area.

4. Add texture with colorwash: If you want to add texture and depth to your house, then color wash your walls with a neutral color that has a metallic finish. It will make your room look artistic and dynamic. There are a wide variety of colors that you can choose from to colorwash with a silver hue. Grey, blue and off white are some of the color that will enhance the glow of silver. Yellow, orange and purple will give an antique effect with gold. For maximum visual impact, choose tones that are opposite.

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Tips to Prepare Your House for a Painting Job

There’s more to do than just choosing the colours when planning to paint your home. Whether you want to hire a professional or are planning to paint on your own, it’s important to do some pre-painting prep work in order make the painting journey a smooth-sailing one and achieve the best results.

Here are a few steps that are essential to preparing your home for a style upgrade with a new paint job.

1. Get all the painting tools ready: The painting tools you use largely determines the quality of paint finish you’ll achieve and how good will be the longevity of the new paint. High-quality painting tools ensure a professional paint finish that lasts long. The only hiccup is they aren’t cheap.

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2. Eliminate obstructions: The last thing you want when your house is being painted is obstructions in the rooms. Eliminating obstructions such as carpets, flower pots/stands, floor cables, furniture items, and wall installations will make it easier for the painting team you’ve hired to get the job done without any hassle.

Also, getting rid of obstructions will help you get the painting job done in a shorter time. When prepping the rooms in your home for the painting job, make sure to empty them and open up a spacious walking room for ensuring unhindered traffic flow.

3) Move heavy furniture in the middle and cover them: If it isn’t feasible for you to take out heavy furniture and appliances from the rooms, move them to the middle of the room so as to clear the wall spaces. Cover them with plastic sheets so to make sure paint doesn’t get on them. After the painting job is done, you can remove the wrappers and place the furniture and appliances the way they were before.

4) Clean the room: Lastly, it is a good idea to clean your room prior starting the painting job. Doing this will help you make sure that dust and dirt don’t settle on the new paint when you clean your rooms later. This, in turn, will help you achieve a flawless finish with the new paint.

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Applying Primer Before Painting Your House is Important

While there are many who swear by the need to prime, there are many who say that bypassing priming is not a big deal. Why should you bother about priming while painting your house? Well, the answer is quite straight forward. Primer and paints are two different products that are designed for different jobs Too many priming come across as a waste of effort. However, priming provides a stable surface with a paint. Ditching primer may not have immediate consequences but eventually, they will show up.

If you are planning to paint your house and skip priming, here are a few reasons you may not want to do that:

1. Provides a stable base: When it comes to priming, you can never go wrong by opting for it. As walls are porous in nature, it’s important to have a base that doesn’t soak too much paint. Skipping primer will require you to use extra paints and this will increase the cost of your painting job. Primers are also designed to hide stains, joints and seams, giving you a smooth surface to work on. Use of primer in the initial stages ensures that moulds, stains and seams don’t show through after the final coats of paint.

2. Increases durability and longevity: The topcoat of the paint on the wall is often exposed to sunlight, moisture and abrasion. The absence of a protective layer of a primer can adversely affect the lifespan of the topcoat. Besides reducing the need for additional top coats, a good primer increases the life of the topcoat with its adhesive qualities. A high-quality primer will prevent the wall paint from peeling off.

3. Gives a consistent look: The use of a high-quality primer lends consistency and sheen to the paint. A white primer provides a neutral surface, ensuring that the paint colors look exactly the way you want. You will save time and money as you will get the true color in fewer coats. Using a primer also ensures that the overall look of the wall is uniform and there’s no streaking. Primer reduces surface imperfections. As there’s no need for multiple coats, the thickness of the topcoat is reduced, giving a smooth look.

4. Makes changing colors easier: Priming is essential when you are changing the colors of the walls, especially when you are opting for light colors over dark colors. Treating the surface with a primer will give you a neutral surface, ensuring you don’t apply too many coats of paint.

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8 Painting Mistakes to Avoid

The very idea of giving your house a fresh coat of paint can get you really excited. From picking the right colors to choosing the appropriate tools, there are a lot decisions to make. Not paying attention to small details can end up giving you a paint job which is not as perfect as you want. To make sure that you don’t learn the hard way, we have rounded common painting mistakes that you can avoid:

1. Lack of Preparation: If you don’t want your paint jobs to leave behind paint drops on your furniture and floors, and missed spots on the walls, it’s important that you prepare like a pro. Instead of shoving all furniture and furnishings in one corner where they can brush against each other and get damaged, put them in another room, preferably the one, you will paint the last. This will you will avoid bumping into tables or dragging sofa from one corner to another. Plus, you will avoid splattering paint on them.

2. Not protecting the floors: A few newspapers under your roller are not enough to save your floors. Though plastic sheets are cheap, they are bot durable. Moreover, there’s danger of slipping on the plastic sheets. Invest in professional-style drop cloths as they soak the spilt paints.

3. Not using painter’s tape: When you are going shopping for paints, brushes and rollers, also make sure that you also buy a painter’s tape. For a clean paint job, a painter’s tape is important. Painter’s tape is great to mask-off baseboards and other areas you don’t either wish to paint or paint in a different color. It ensures that you have clean edges around the wooden trims of the doors and windows. It also prevents splattering on baseboards. Go for a high-quality painter’s tape that doesn’t allow the paint to seep under the tape.

4. Not sanding the wall: For a perfect finish, it’s important that you sand the wall and get rid of dust particles, rough spots and ridges. Sanding helps flatten areas around baseboards and nail holes. Sanding gives you a perfectly smooth surface to start your painting job with.

5. Not using the right tool: Brushes and rollers are meant for specific kinds of finishes and specific areas. Using them interchangeably can give you a shoddy job. While a roller is perfect for walls and ceilings, they are not ideal for curved surfaces. A brush is a must when it comes to painting window frames, baseboards and pipes.

6. Skipping the primer: To get a consistent look with your final coat, don’t skip the primer. A quality primer can help you get a finish that is durable. They also seal joints and seams on the walls.

7. Not waiting for the first coat to dry: You are eager to get done with the painting job at the earliest and enjoy your newly-painted house. However, painting your walls before the first coat could dry will ruin all the hard work you have done. It is advisable to at least wait for 24 hours for the first coat to dry.

8. Not keeping weather in mind: High humidity can make it difficult for the paint to dry quickly. There are many paints that come with temperature guidelines. Painting during the right season can help you get a lasting result.

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The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors you Need to Know

Painting the exterior of your home is an entirely different ball game than coloring the interior. Unlike in the latter case where you choose paint colors to suit your personal tastes, you have to consider durability apart from style when working on the exterior. After all, you’d want to take the best steps to protect your highest prized possession, your home.

To ensure the best look and protection for the exterior of your home, choose our Weathercoat All Guard. The Unique Silicon Technology of the luxury emulsion protects your home’s exterior walls from the adverse effects of water and dust.

1. Silky scarf (3P0055) and Southwest Sand (2T0605): Orange is one of the most common exterior color options. The reason homeowners often choose orange as one of the exterior wall colors for their home is the balanced undertone of the hue. Like other primary colors, orange has a rich saturation and looks fulfilling to the eyes. If you want to use orange as one of the exterior colors and make your home stand out in terms of looks, we say pair it with muted yellow. Our light yellow shade, Silky Scarf (3P0055) best complements the vibrant aesthetic of our rich orange shade, Southwest Sand (2T0605). To highlight the architectural design of your house, paint the exterior walls with Silky Scarf while coloring the roof hip, window trims, and roof rakes with Southwest Sand.

2.Rosemare(1T0453) and Tender Love Note (1T0555): Pink often falls under the category of ‘less-opted colors’ when it comes to painting the exterior walls. Although uncommon, pink can add an unmatched vibrancy to the exterior of your home. The trick is to pair the color with the right shade. Our off beige shade, Tender Love Note (1T0555) creates a striking color combination with our deep pink shade Rosemare (1T0453). Paint the fascia and window trims with Tender Love Note and color the rest of the walls with Rosemare.

3. YELLOW CHINTZ 3P0072: If you want to opt for one no-fail way to make your home look the best in the neighborhood, you cannot go wrong in painting the exterior walls yellow. Yellow doesn’t fail to grab attention with its alluring look. Our light yellow shade, Yellow Chintz (3P0072) radiates the effervescence of the bright outdoors and makes your home look stunning. Also, if your home is surrounded by greenery, yellow can stand out from the green backdrop. Cream, red, and grey are the perfect pick for creating an intriguing color scheme for the exterior of your home.

Painting Ideas to Make Your Balcony a Beautiful Haven

A balcony is the one space in your home where you can connect with the outdoors. Having a balcony is the biggest perk for people living in the city. If you have a balcony in your home, you owe it to yourself to make the most out of this private outdoor space.

आफ्नो घरको बाल्कोनीलाई आकर्षक बनाउनुहोस्, बाल्कोनी सुहाउँदो रंगले रंगाउनुहोस् ।

1. Tulip Field (3D2078): Give a friendly nod to the bright and lively days in your balcony by giving it a stylish makeover with a yellow wall color. A balanced yellow shade, like our Tulip Field (3D2078), makes a perfect pick for radiating the vibrancy of the effervescent outdoors. But painting your balcony new won’t just do it as accessorizing the space is crucial.

2. Moon Flower (8P0209): If you have a small-sized balcony, your focus may gravitate towards styling the outdoor space in a way that it doesn’t look crowded. In this pursuit, you cannot go wrong in painting the balcony white. Our off-white shade, Moon Flower (8P0209), works wonders in creating a sanctuary-like look in your balcony. As the shade reflects light, it can create the illusion of a much bigger space. If you use your balcony as the space to unwind, use a stylish hammock chair.

बाल्कोनीलाई रंगले मात्र हैन बिरुवाहरुले पनि सजाउनुहोस् ।

3. SPARKLING WINE (2P1874): If you love gardening but live in a city apartment, you can cherish your love for plants and greenery with a makeshift garden in your balcony. For a refreshing look, let the look of the plants shine through, paint your balcony walls with a neutral shade. Our faded yellow shade, Sparkling Wine (2P1874) serves as a great backdrop to highlight the intriguing look of your potted plants. Place the potted plants in wire flower racks to introduce a hint of urban design.

तपाईंको बाल्कोनीमा फुल्ने विभिन्न फूलका रंगहरुले पनि तपाईंको घरलाई आकर्षक बनाउँछ ।

4. RAW OXIDE (2D2033): Coming home to a stunning-looking balcony that greets you with an energizing ambience is something you’d definitely want. And guess what? It’s not wishful thinking as you can have a balcony that inspires you to be who you truly are and allows you to unwind to your heart’s content. The trick of transforming your balcony into a visually-appealing space is to paint the space with a bright color, like our sophisticated shade of orange, Raw Oxide (2D2033). If you don’t want to stick to the monotony of one color, pair the orange shade with white to create a striking color contrast.

Paint Shades that Really go Well with Each Other

When giving a stylish makeover to your rooms with a new paint, the no-fail way to achieve great results is to get the right color combination. Many homeowners overlook the importance of creating attractive colors.

The right color schemes can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your rooms and leave a lasting impression.

आफूले चाहे जसरी कोठा रंगाउँन आफ्नो कोठा अनुसार रंगको सम्मिश्रण गर्नु पर्छ । अब तपाईंले पनि तल दिइएका रंगको सम्मिश्रण गरी आफ्नो कोठालाई आकर्षक बनाउन सक्नुहुन्छ ।

1) LIVE JAZZ (6D1198) and SIERRA SNOW (8P1698): If you are someone who loves to keep things low-key, a darkish color scheme will be the right pick for you. Dark colors create an air of mystique which, in turn, works wonders in intriguing the beholders. Our two dark colors, Live Jazz (6D1198) and Sierra Snow (8P1698) create a sophisticated amalgamation. Use this color scheme in your living room to take your guests by fascination. Sophisticated decor elements such as wooden furniture, wooden flooring, and metal showpieces further elevate the classy look of this color combination.

2) LIBBY’S LAVENDER (8T1788) and WHITE SPHERE (8P2679): The bedroom is where you unwind and spend most of your ‘me time.’ Most importantly, it’s where you sleep and re-energize yourself for staying productive the next day. A bedroom that looks unfailingly soothing becomes a cosy space to rejuvenate in. And what better way to up the comfort quotient of your bedroom than by painting the space with lighter colors? Our light blue shade, Libby’s Lavender (8T1788) beautifully matches with White Sphere (8P2679) and creates a relaxed ambience. Complement the cosy look of this color scheme by accessorizing your bedroom with a plush area rug, a couple of feather pillows, soft-to-touch curtains, and wooden furniture essentials.

3) COTTON CANDY (1P0458) and FABULOUS WHITE (7P0185): If you like all-things pretty and chic, you’d certainly want your rooms to look attractive. To cherish your love for stunning-looking decor, elevate the visual intrigue of your rooms by painting them with the combination of Light bubblegum pink shade, Cotton Candy (1P0458) and Fabulous White (7P0185). The pastel-like hue of the shade Cotton Candy goes easy on the eyes and calms the senses of the beholders. Allow in more sunlight to highlight the easy-going character of the amalgamation of these two light colors.

4) THE GOLD COAST (2D0710) and COUNCIL BLUFFS (2D0591): Did you know that bright wall colors work great in uplifting mood and inspiring positivity? The thought-out combination of our two orange shades, The Gold Coast (2D0710) and Council Bluffs (2D0591) creates a striking look. Use this color scheme to impart a cheerful look in your rooms. To radiate the alluring charm of these wall colors, welcome more sunlight with large-sized windows. Natural light accentuates the bright and balanced tone of these two colors.

Tips to Maintain the Shininess of Exterior Walls

The exteriors of a house are as much a reflection of a homeowner’s personality as the interiors are. When guests pull into your driveway, the first thing that they notice is the exteriors walls. The color of the walls and the design of the house offers your guests a friendly feel whenever they visit. Picking the right exterior colors is the best way to enhance the appearance of the exteriors. However, it is equally important that you maintain the shininess of exterior walls.

Here are few tips to keep your exterior walls look gorgeous and feel inviting to all who see it:

1. Choose the right colors: Choosing the right color palette for your exterior walls can be a tricky decision. It’s important to choose colors that make your home look inviting and are easy to maintain in the long run. Sunlight and painted walls are not the best friends. Constant sunlight exposure lead to fading colors. Rainfall too can be a major detrimental to the exterior paints. If your house is located at a warm place, then light-colored walls like Fabulous White (7P0185), Organic Ivory (7P0189), Fawn Taupe (7T0342) and Gray Felt (8P0349) are ideal. Darker exterior walls are perfect for either colder months or colder places.

2. Invest in quality paints: Unlike interiors, the exteriors of the house are continually exposed to different weather conditions. Therefore, it is important that you invest on high-quality decorative paints that are weather resistant. These colors should also be resistant to the growth of algae and fungi that often form due to change in humidity levels.

Choose Berger Paints Nepal’s WeatherCoat Anti Dustt’s unique and innovative Dust Guard technology to give your house a shining look. With Dust Guard technology, you will get a beautiful house all around the year without worrying about fading paint. The innovative technology prevents the formation of black streaks that are caused due to dust accumulation. To know about WeatherCoat Anti Dustt technology, visit

3. Get rid of chalking: As the outdoor surface ages, there’s a formation of chalky powder on the surface of the paint. This is due to the exposure to sunshine and moisture. The best way to avoid a chalky surface is to go for a water-based primer which will give your walls a tougher film. A high-quality primer increases adhesion and seals the porous surface, reducing oxidation.

4. Don’t let mould and mildew be the eyesores: If there’s something that you don’t want to see on the exterior walls, they are mould and mildew. Not only are they eyesores, but also cause a variety of health problems. The best way to prevent the spread of mould and mildew spots is to scrub them the moment you spot them. Wash them with liquid soap, liquid bleach, and water. Use a soft hand brush. Rinse it with water using a hose. Mould and mildew usually grow around the damp areas that get little or no sunlight. Keep an eye for mould and mildew spots on the backyard walls or walls that don’t get direct sunlight.

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Give Spa-like Feel to your Bathroom with These Colors

There’s nothing as satisfying as a hot shower after a long day. Whether big or small, your bathroom is undoubtedly one of your personal spaces which you prefer to unwind and spend your me time in.

So, why not make your relaxation space more enriching by giving it a stylish makeover and treating yourself with a spa-like experience? Here are a few of the no-fail coloring tips to help you transform your bathroom into a personal spa:

1. Quiet Elegance (1P1905): One of the most important elements to tap in order to create a spa-like ambience in your bathroom is calmness. If you visit spas regularly, you’d know how peaceful and calm their relaxation spaces are. To introduce a calm vibe, paint your bathroom walls with a light colour like our off white shade, Quiet Elegance (1P1905). Contribute more to the calm and cool ambience in your bathroom by installing a glass shower enclosure. Bare metal taps, handles, mirror frames are other decor additions you cannot go wrong with.

2. Hazel Cream (7P0178): Grey is easily a top pick when it comes to choosing walls colours for your bathroom. Our light grey shade, Hazel Cream (7P0178) lends a soothing sentiment to your bathroom which, in turn, helps you create serene ambience.

Borrow design inspiration from professional spas and install a freestanding tub. To further elevate the comforting vibe, embellish the hot tub space with high-quality panels. Pendant lights are the right addition to improve the overall aesthetics of the space. And do not forget to install a sleek floating shelf where you can keep all your rejuvenating essentials.

3. ALLIGATOR ALLEY (4T0917): If there’s one color that mimics the tranquillity of lush green forest it is green. Our Alligator Alley helps create a dynamic bathroom that looks full of energy. The colour lends the bathroom a clean and refreshing yet luxurious feel. To elevate the relaxation vibe, decorate it with scented candles, potpourri and other decorative items. Install a floating sink and a large-sized mirror to introduce a hint of modernness in the space.

4. AQUA ICE 5P0125): Warming up your bathroom’s ambience in a subtle way is a crucial part of creating a relaxing zone. Style your bathroom walls with our light blue shade, Aqua Ice (5P0125) to bring in a cool vibe. A granite/marble sink, bevelled mirrors, glass doors, and floating shelves will up the comfort quotient of your bathroom. Accessorise the hot tub with a cluster of essential oils and aromatic candles.

From peaceful blues and tranquil greens, there an array of colors that can take the look of your bathroom to the next level. To give your bathroom a serene look, browse our catalogue

Interior Bedroom Colors for This Spring and Summer

We’re sure you must have made tons of resolutions this year, and that you want to stick to them. To further motivate yourself, we’d recommend sprucing up your personal space, your bedroom.

And what better way to ready your bedroom for a fresh start than by giving it a spring/summer makeover? These stunning-looking and inspiring wall colors are the right choices for giving your bedroom a seasonal facelift:

1. BRISK BREEZE (5P0151)

Usher in the seasonal joy of spring and summer by painting your bedroom walls light blue. Our washed light blue shade, Brisk Breeze (5P0151) evokes the feeling of calmness.

The subtle blueish tinge of this shade works great in creating an easy-going and airy ambience in your bedroom.

हल्का निलो रंग, जसले तपाईंको कोठालाई हरेक समय शितलताको अनुभव गराउँछ ।

2. ION SKY (8P2777)

Welcome spring in your bedroom the minimalist way by painting the walls white. Painting your bedroom walls with this color is a great way to make the space look and feel cool and composed during the summer months.

Our aged white shade, Ion Sky (8P2777), amalgamates beige with the refreshing appeal of white. Add a naturistic vibe to your bedroom by bringing in potted plants and accessorizing the walls with nature-centric artwork.

3. MISTY MORN (4P2128)

Nothing is as perfect as green when it comes to drawing visual cues from nature. The colour not only helps you bring the outdoorsy vibe indoors but also create a balanced look in your bedroom.

Our mint green shade, Misty Morn (4P2128), is a sophisticated take on the classic green color. The minty hue of this shade works wonders in creating a breathable ambience in your bedroom. Darker shades of green best complement this shade; use decor elements such as potted plants and throws of dark green color to create a nature-centric color scheme.


If you want your bedroom’s spring/summer decor to look out of the ordinary, choosing red as the wall color is the right option. A dark shade of red, like our shade Cranberry Craze (1A0472) brings positive and exciting energy to any given room.

The rich overtone of our dark red shade also creates a classy look and feel. Pair the shade with other luxurious-looking colors, such as golden, emerald green, silver, and pearl white to elevate the sophistication quotient in your bedroom.

5. DEEP VALLEY (4A2178)

Spring and summer months are best enjoyed outdoors. But due to a busy lifestyle, you may not get ample time to find yourself with nature. But hey, you can bring the outdoors in by taking visual cues from the lush forests and gardens.

Paint your bedroom walls with our dark green shade, Deep Valley (4A2178) to inspire a naturalistic feel in your personal space. This shade has a dark hue and is the right choice for creating a woody forest-like look.

Inspired to refresh your space for spring? Contact Berger Paints Nepal’s color consultants to give your house a new look. Our Express Painting service can give you a hassle-free painting experience. To know more about us, visit