A Valentine’s Day Special: For A Romantic Decor In Different Shades Of Red

Traditionally, red has been associated with passion, romance, and love. As we are fast approaching Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of decor ideas using different shades of reds to add a dash of romance to your rooms.


If your living room is already painted in bright red shade such as our Full Bloom (1A1981) shade, you can evoke a feeling of romance in the space by introducing colourful flowers. Display a quirky combination of clay, plastic, and wicker flower pots to add a hint of playfulness in the space.

The black colour best accentuates red; use black-coloured shelves to contrast the red backdrop in a stylish way. Lastly, do not forget to create an eclectic conversation area in the room by using a combination of sofa seats and wicker chairs.    

Rato rang ko bhitta ra phul haro ko hariyali le ramro sanga le tapai ko ghar Valentine’s Day ko lagi sajawnu hos.  


Having a modern-looking living room with a dark red wall paint such as our Empress Rose (1D0324) shade comes as an advantage in decking up the space for Valentine’s Day. This is because the colour of love already sets the tone of romance in the space for spending the special day with your better half.

You can add visual interest to the space by choosing furniture upholstery fabric in bright, vivid colours such as orange and teal. Use indoor plants to add pops of green and further embellish the space.

Tapaiko premi lai sabai bhanda ramro Valentine’s Day ko upahar dinuhos tapai ko kotha haru sajawat garera.


Have accents of bright red shades like our Cherry Pie (1A0363) shade in your living room? Highlight the romantic character of the colour for Valentine’s Day by adding more hints of red with red-coloured curtains. Introduce a stylish break from the monotony of red by bringing in a couple of indoor plants to add a dash of green.

Yo Valentine’s Day ko tayari pura garnuhos tapai ko premi lai chune ko upahar haru pradarshan garera.


Making your rooms look luxurious for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to to invest in expensive decor items. A significant part of what makes any given room look luxurious is the right colour combinations used.

If your bathroom is painted with a dark red shade like our Cranberry Craze (1A0472) shade, add sophisticated-looking colours such as emerald green, gold, and sailor blue to the room’s colour palette for transforming the space into a luxurious-looking one. Complement the rich look of this shade with metal-framed mirrors, plush-upholstered seats, and velvet throws.  

Yo maathi deyako Valentine’s Day ko sajawat ko tarika haru le tapai ko suthne kotha lai shandar ruparang dinu hos.

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