8 inspiring ideas to fill your bedroom with soothing colours

Your bedroom is your quiet sanctuary where you relax after fighting your daily battles. It is therefore important that the walls of your bedroom promote calm and soothing vibes. You deserve a bedroom that will make you look forward to unwinding at the end of the day and waking up to in the morning.

Here are eight hues that will make your bedroom your sanctuary for serenity:

  1. Mother (6T2373): Lavender is the perfect colour for your bedroom as it has the regalness of purple without its edginess. A muted shade of lavender like Mother will keep things calm and composed in your bedroom. To bring the colour’s crispiness, introduce a darker shade of lavender in the form of a throw blanket or cushions.

  2. Aqua Flip (5P0128): Blue is perfect for any place of relaxation as it’s easy on eyes and is soul-soothing. The gracefulness and subtlety of Aqua Flip makes it ideal for the bedroom. To nail this look at home, keep one wall textured and another plain. Keep the floor and the ceiling white to bring out the best in Aqua Flip.

  3. Bella Mint (4P0096): To bring home the calmness of a forest, paint the walls Bella Mint. The best thing about Bella Mint is that it brings the feeling of serenity with its barely-there shade of green. For a sense of earthiness, decorate the room with light-coloured furniture and keep a plant in the room for that close-to-the-nature feel.

  4. Hazel Cream: (7P0178): Soft Hazel Cream provides a neutral canvas for different kinds of looks. The colour which has a tinge of gray has a very calming presence. To make it look elegant in a subtle way, stick to light-coloured furniture. Opt for furnishing in shades of white, gray and black. To keep the look minimalist, go for white accents.

  5. Wishing Pink (1P0008) and Spanish Rose (1T0532): The beauty of pink lies in its simplicity and perkiness. It ushers light in, exudes calmness and evokes a sense of playfulness. Instead of covering the entire wall in pink, use two shades to create a dramatic effect. Paint the top half Wishing Pink and the other half Spanish Rose.

  6. Sunflower Petal (3D0782): Yellow reminds us of everything bright in life like sunflower and marigold. To create a tranquil look that’s soothing for the soul, go for Sunflower Petal that has the vibrant feel of yellow but isn’t too bright. Pair it with soft furnishings and white accents to make the room feel more intimate.

  7. Derby (5T2260): To bring home the feeling of sleeping in the lap of the sky, paint your bedroom Derby. For cosy vibes, introduce different colours, textures and patterns in the form of a throw blanket, flower vase, pendant lighting and wall art. For that extra punch, go for glossy cushions.

  8. Butter In A Cup (7T2432): A soft hue of beige like Butter In A Cup is an ideal colour if you want to choose a timeless colour. Earthy and laidback, beige is contemporary and yet a classic choice of colour. If you have furniture in dark wood, then Butter In A Cup is a great choice as the beige backdrop will let the furniture stand out.

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