7 Ways to Use Blue in Your Bathroom

Blue has been a traditional colour choice for bathrooms, however, there are endless ideas that can inspire you to decorate with cool blue. Here we discuss some unique ideas to introduce blue into your bathroom without being boring.

  1. Big Blue Sky (5T1085): This minimalist bathroom that has Big Blue Sky walls and white accessories is chic and elegant. The beauty of this bathroom lies in its simplicity. The white bathtub amidst blue walls will make you feel like as if you are sitting on a boat sailing on the sea.

2. Whirlpool (5T1043): A delicate shade of blue gives a bathroom an understated look of luxury and elegance. This Whirlpool colour bathroom gives the impression that you are in a five-star hotel. If you wish to nail this look at your home, you can stick to one sink made of marble or granite. To give it a more sophisticated look, go for stone bathroom accessories set that match with the colour of your sink.

3. Blue Gin (5T2224): There’s nothing more classic than a blue-and-white bathroom. Blue Gin walls lend a harmonic feel to the bathroom while the white accessories create a look of luxury. The hanging pendant lamps add a bit of sparkle to this little oasis. Blue Gin is the perfect colour for small bathrooms as it will bring in more light.

4. Derby (5T2260): A darker shade of blue gives a bathroom an unexpected touch. The overall blue bathroom with a splattering of white elements here and there offers a quiet place to relax. This bathroom is a great example of the harmonious use of different hues of blue. Derby is the perfect colour for big bathrooms. If you are using this colour in small bathrooms, use large mirrors to give an illusion of more space.

5. Wonder Lake (5T0287): Gorgeous Wonder Lake walls and a lighter hue of blue give this bathroom a beach-like vibe. The blue runner and the blue bath towel carries the beauty of blue throughout the space. The white bathtub brightens up what could be an overwhelmingly blue bathroom. The plant in the corner adds life to the bathroom.

6. Velvet Blue (5A0421): Velvet Blue is an unusual choice of colour when it comes to decorating bathrooms. A dark shade of blue can make the bathroom look small but the white cabinet and the white hanging lamps not just brighten up space but also expand space visually. Installing a wall mirror ensures that the space doesn’t feel too dark.

7. Cascade Twilight (5D1143): To give your bathroom a nautical feel, splash it with Cascade Twilight and to add interest use blue and white striped shower curtain. Instead of painting the whole bathroom in the shades of blue, let the top half be blue and the bottom half white. Let shiny blue tiles on the sink add a subtle gleam to the mix.

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